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MediaFire Desktop is an official MediaFire user that can quickly and easily upload files to server servers.

}} With MediaFire Desktop, you can drag and drop files and documents into the Windows system tray in the lower right corner of the screen from where it will be uploaded.With the MediaFire server. Free storage is 50 GB per user and up to 200 MB per file is uploaded.

Share via theMediaFire Desktop URL View is in progress to show old uploads, featureswhich is very useful for working with very large files. In addition, when the file is uploaded, it gives you a URL that you can use to share the file. The program also has screen capture feature, which allows you to save images in PNG format before uploading or transmitting them. It also has tools for adding text, arrows, and other objects.

File sharing is easy if you want to share files on the Internet, MediaFire is a great place to do it.And MediaFire Desktop makes this process easier.

MediaFire Desktop