The Temples at Tell er-Retaba from the New Kingdom to the Late Period

The Centre for the Research on the Egyptian Temple

of the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences

has an honour to invite you for a lecture by

“The Temples at Tell er-Retaba from the New Kingdom to the Late Period”


Dr Sławomira Rzepki

presented during a seminar of the cycle of a training course

“Methods of Documentation, Interpretation, and Publication of the Sacral Buildings”

The seminar will take place on Wednesday, 29th November 2017 at 1:30 PM

in Staszic Palace, room 06 (ground floor).

The lecture will be given in Polish.


The oldest known temple at Tell er-Retaba, dedicated to Atum, “Lord of Tjeku”, was founded by Ramesses II. Some blocks of this structure were found by W. M. F. Petrie over 100 years ago. The Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission, which have been working at Tell er-Retaba for 10 years, found some additional decorated fragments. The context of the discovery makes it possible to indicate the period, in which the temple stopped functioning and was dismantled.

The Polish-Slovak Mission works in deep cooperation with Egyptian archaeologists, who conducted a rescue excavation at Tell er-Retaba. During the work, conducted by Mustafa Nour ed-Din, a well of the Late Period was found, partly constructed of some re-used decorated limestone blocks. The analysis of this extremely interesting material revealed that a new temple was constructed at Tell er-Retaba under the 22nd Dynasty, which continued to function at least until the reign of the 27th Dynasty.


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